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David Starr's next Vantage Communities development to feed off growth at Brooks City Base.

"Vantage, spearheaded by local real estate developer David Starr, has broken ground on the next of its 19 communities in pre or post development. Targeting fast-growing communities such as Converse, Schertz, Boerne and Shavano Park, Starr has long been successful in building early and selling when the market is hot".

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The best way is through our website, filling out a request form.

Are you a listing agency?

No. Listing agencies sell lists of apartments with which you have to deal on your own. We, at Affordable Apartment in San Antonio, are here to accompany you in your apartment search.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are from around the world. They are individuals, families, tourists, business travelers and corporations.

What languages are spoken at Affordable Apartment in San Antonio?

Our staff speak English and Spanish.

Do you own the apartments you list on your website?

No, we do not own or manage any of the apartments we work with. They are either owned by individuals, managing companies or in case of a sublet, leased by tenants.

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